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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – St Johns, FL

What Would You Like to Know?

Have you had trouble finding answers to your dental questions just by searching the internet alone? Dr. Cohen and our other team members can address your inquiries during a phone call or a regular consultation. For your convenience, the answers to some particularly common concerns are listed below.

How Many Appointments Should I Have Each Year?

Your mouth is relatively fragile, and disease and decay can start to form rather quickly without proper oversight. That’s why we suggest having two dental cleanings and exams every year to prevent and treat oral health problems while they’re small and manageable. Patients with advanced gum disease or other severe issues might have to schedule more frequent appointments.

Can I Bring My Children to This Dental Office?

Of course! Dr. Cohen enjoys working with children and always takes a little extra time to make sure that they’re enjoying their appointment. We can clean your little one’s teeth and offer silver diamine fluoride, dental sealants, and other treatments that help young smiles grow up healthy and undamaged.

What Should I Do If I’m Unhappy with My Smile?

Is there a small crack in your tooth? You can have it covered with dental bonding. Is your smile a bit duller than you’d like? Consider a professional whitening procedure. Are there so many imperfections that you’re not sure where to start? Ask us about porcelain veneers. The various options that cosmetic dentistry offers allows us to make your dream smile a reality.

Is a Toothache an Emergency?

If your tooth pain doesn’t go away after a day or two, it should definitely be treated as a potential emergency; the pulp might have become infected, and you may need a root canal as a result. Dr. Cohen will try to see you on the same day whenever possible for emergency treatment.

Do I Need Braces for Crooked Teeth?

It depends. Braces are typically the most effective option for complex orthodontic issues, but if your teeth are only mildly crooked, then Invisalign may be the better option, since it takes less time, is more aesthetically pleasing, and is removable. And in certain cases, you can even hide crooked teeth with veneers. Set up a consultation with us to discuss your options.

How Will I Know if I Have Gum Disease?

If your gums are red, tender, swollen, and bleed easily, they could be infected. Bad breath and a persistent foul taste are also potential symptoms of gum disease, and over time you may notice a gradual loosening of the teeth. In some cases, though, there are no symptoms that you can observe on your own, so the most reliable way to detect gum disease is to visit our dental office twice a year for checkups.

Will You Take My Insurance?

Most PPO dental insurance plans are welcome at our dental office. Click here to see a list of our in-network providers, or call us today to see if your own policy is accepted.