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Sedation Dentistry – St Johns, FL

Relax All Through Your Dental Treatment

Woman relaxing after sedation dentistry visit

Does the idea of feeling relaxed at the dentist’s office seem far-fetched to you? You’re not the only one; many patients, regardless of age, find themselves apprehensive for one reason or another when it comes to receiving dental care. Fortunately, Dr. Cohen can offer both oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide sedation for your comfort. Don’t let dental fears stop you from keeping your smile healthy! Call us today to ask about sedation dentistry from our St. Johns, FL dentist at your next appointment.

Why Choose Julington Creek Family Dentistry for Sedation Dentistry?

Oral Conscious Sedation

Man holding oral conscious dental sedation pill

It’s completely normal to feel nervous or afraid about visiting your dentist. In fact, those feelings are far more common than you think! What’s not okay is when you let those thoughts prevent you from getting the care you need. Thankfully, Julington Creek Family Dentistry is proud to offer oral conscious sedation to help make your visits more enjoyable. With just one small pill, you can erase all your worries and remain calm while sitting in the dental chair. To learn more about oral conscious sedation in St. Johns, continue reading or give us a call today!

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

closeup of patient taking oral conscious sedation in St. Johns

Known as one of the most popular methods of sedation dentistry, oral conscious sedation is a desirable option because of its effectiveness and ease of use. It involves taking a sedative pill to reduce your fears and anxiety tremendously. You don’t have to worry about needles or wearing a face mask!

During your consultation, Dr. Cohen will review your medical history to determine whether or not this option is right for you. Once you get the green light, you’ll be prescribed a medication (i.e., Valium, Ativan, or Halcion) to take when you arrive at the office or just before your appointment. The effects are long-lasting and usually kick in within 15 minutes or so.

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work?

patient relaxing in dental chair

You’ll be given prescription medication to take before the appointment even begins. At a predetermined time, you’ll take the medication so that by the time the treatment starts, you’ll be in such a relaxed state that you might find yourself dozing off. Of course, you can still be awakened easily – the sedative is not meant to put you to sleep.

To ensure your safety, our team will monitor your vitals during the procedure. It’s worth noting that you may not even remember the treatment at all afterward, which many patients with dental phobias consider to be an advantage. Since the effects will last throughout the entire appointment, you’ll need to arrange for someone you trust to drive you home.

Are You a Good Candidate for Oral Conscious Sedation?

patient experiencing dental anxiety

Oral conscious sedation in St. Johns is a highly effective way to relieve your anxiety. It’s a great option for patients who:

  • Have dental fear, anxiety, or nervousness
  • Regularly cancel or reschedule dentist appointments because of their nerves
  • Suffer from a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have difficulty keeping their mouth open or sitting in a treatment chair
  • Are getting multiple treatments or one long treatment in a single appointment
  • Struggle to get numb with local anesthesia
  • Had traumatic dental experiences in the past

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Woman with nitrous oxide dental sedation mask

Nitrous oxide is commonly used in dental offices throughout the country to eliminate anxiety and help patients feel comfortable during their dental appointments without putting them to sleep. We can adjust the level of nitrous oxide you’re receiving during your treatment for your comfort as well as your safety. The effects wear off in just a few minutes after the sedative stops being applied, so you can go ahead and return to your normal schedule after you’re done at our dental office.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

Man giving a thumbs-up for nitrous oxide dental sedation in St. Johns

One of the best things about nitrous oxide sedation is that nearly any patient can be considered a good candidate. From children, to teenagers, to older adults, nitrous oxide is a safe and effective form of sedation dentistry for the majority of patients. We typically recommend it for those who:

  • Need some help relaxing in the dental chair, or feel somewhat anxious about dental treatments
  • Don’t respond very well to numbing medication alone or have a low pain tolerance
  • Have neck, back, or shoulder pain that makes sitting in the dental chair uncomfortable
  • Have very sensitive teeth or an overactive gag reflex
  • Plan on undergoing a lengthy or complex procedure

However, nitrous oxide sedation is not a good choice for everyone. The only way to determine if it’s right for you is to come see us for a consultation. There, we’ll review your medical history and discuss your concerns to ensure that nitrous oxide is the safest and most effective option for you.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Sedation Work?

Man relaxing with nitrous oxide dental sedation in St. Johns

First, we’ll place a small mask over your nose. You’ll inhale a colorless, odorless gas through it, and within moments, you’ll begin to feel light and airy. Many patients have described the sensation of feeling as if they’re in a dreamlike state. Nitrous oxide sedation will not put you to sleep. You’ll remain conscious enough to answer basic questions and follow simple instructions. However, you’ll be completely oblivious to the sights, sounds, and sensations that would typically cause you distress.

All throughout your treatment, our team will closely monitor your vital signs. If needed, we can adjust your level of sedation at any point for your safety or comfort.

Aftercare for Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Smiling woman feeling no side effects after nitrous oxide sedation in St. Johns

Once your treatment is complete, we’ll remove the mask from over your nose. Within just a few minutes of breathing in regular air, you’ll return to your normal state of alertness! A very small percentage of patients feel a little queasy for some time after using nitrous oxide sedation, but the vast majority report no side effects at all. In fact, you should be fine to drive yourself home and continue on with work, school, or whatever you have planned that day without interruption!

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